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The Appropriate Guidelines of the ICMR ( Indian Council Of Medical Research) under the ART Bill 2010, and further modifications in the ART bill 2013, has given a very clear idea of documents needed for commissioning of Surrogacy in India, the guidelines are for protecting interests of all parties involved in the process of Surrogacy, namely

  1. The ART Clinic
  2. The Commissioning Couple
  3. The Surrogate Mother

The guidelines have covered all aspects of the three concerned parties, of which the documents in support of the couple are most important, so before you proceed to travel to this country for the intended surrogacy please organise the following documents.

  1. Valid passport of Husband and Wife
  2. Recent Passport size Photo with white background
  3. Marriage certificate to prove the marriage of more then two years
  4. The salary or income proof
  5. The residence Proof
  6. Letter form the External Ministry to say that Surrogacy is legal in their Country
  7. Appropriate VISA for India, First Visit on TOURIST VISA, then MEDICAL VISA
  8. A third Party assurance, to support and accept in unforeseen circumstances
  9. The Residence Proof, Income Proof, Passport Photo, and notarized affidavit of the Third Party giving assurance for accepting the resultant baby, in unforeseen circumstance when the genetic parents are not able to accept the child.

These are indicative of the type of papers the commissioning couple may need while they plan to accept surrogacy as a line of treatment for their condition.