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  1. Males with severe sperm factors such as: low count (less than 5 million), very poor motility, high degree of abnormal sperms.
  2. Males with azoospermia have no sperm present in the semen. The azoospermia may be of the obstructive type where there is production of sperms in the testis but a blockage in the conduction system disallows sperms to enter the semen. Alternately, the azoospermia may be of the non-obstructive type, where there is a failure of the testis to produce sperms. Fortunately, today, sperms can be isolated directly from the testis, using the Sperm Retrieval Techniques of PESA/TESA/TESE and subsequently, ICSI can be performed. Babies and Us maintains a competent success rate of 30-40% in males with azoospermia.
  3. Males with sperm anti-bodies.
  4. Males with ejaculated dysfunction due to an injury to the spinal chord or in quadriplegics or paraplegics.
  5. Patients with retrograde ejaculation (ejaculation of the sperm into the urinary bladder) who fail to allow pregnancy under.
  6. Patients where In Vitro Fertilisation has proved to be unsuccessful.
  7. ICSI is performed for on patients with a history of tuberculosis or endometriosis as we believe ICSI shows higher fertilization rates than standard IVF .