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 Vani hospital has had a long history of healthcare services in the Maninagar (East) of Eastern Ahmedabad,being fully functional and catering to the healthcare need of the local and other areas since 1996. Success has no shortcuts, it comes by slow steady pace through honest and straightforward hard-work, Vani-hospital started being recognised for the honest and hard work from the second year of inception and since then a series of successfully treated patients became the mainstay of the propagation of the name, and thus Vani Hospital developed the reputation. The management while treating the patients also had an eye on the demographic distribution of the patients and also the growing population with the need of Assisted Reproduction. The issue of Assisted Reproduction Techniques was pursued and necessary training and expertise acquired in London to help the needy couples.and thus started the Vani-IVF Centre. The Vani-IVF Centre has specialised in the following services for assisted Reproduction:

  1. Consultation and Counseling of Infertile Couples
  2. Complete checkup and profiling of female patients
  3. Complete treatment of Infertility in female patients
  4. Complete checkup and profiling of male patients
  5. Complete treatment of male patients
  6. IUI.
  7. IVF
  8. I.C.S.I.
  9. T.E.S.A.
  10. Surrogacy
  11. Sperm Preparations and enhancement
  12. Sperm Freezing and Sperm Banking Facility